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About Us

In advertising, big problems can occur from the smallest of communication errors.

A lack of understanding about local conditions or culture can lead to serious time lags and loss in product quality. So when I was sitting in a lounge at Dubai Airport, 3am but still crowded with travelers heading to all kinds of destinations, it suddenly occurred to me – what if we could create a platform that gives clients international access without the communication barriers? An airport is a hub of international connections, providing smooth transit regardless of language or cultural nuances, so why can’t we do the same?

This is where our story begins. Jet Set Go was established to provide a set of comprehensive creative services for the international advertising industry that transcend geographic and cultural barriers and connect clients with inspiring ideas, locations and talent from across the globe.

Our high functioning team operates in relay across time zones to minimize lags and keep project momentum going whatever the conditions. Flexible, customizable services make up our one stop shop guiding clients to a better position in their market.

Looking ahead to 2030, we are also keen to help clients contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and keep their corporate image environmentally-conscious and progressive. So please, step into our lounge and let us elevate your brand to new creative heights!

All the best,

Miki and the JSG Team.



Whatever the creative challenge, however big the idea, we make it happen.

Reiko Yamamoto
Producer & Translation Expert
Reiko is fluent in English, French and Japanese, bringing a wealth of international insights to her production assignments and translation work. When not in her ceramics workshop she's busy raising two sons.
Taryn Lourens
Producer & Research Expert
As a production and logistics expert, Taryn’s passion and energy pushes each project forward at speed and motivates those around her to achieve the impossible. She’s also a very motivated mum!
Miki Kuretani
Executive Producer
Starting off in the music business, Miki has since produced projects in over 50 countries - including her time as an agency producer for TBWA Hakuhodo - and even directed her own feature-length documentary.
Kimihiro Hoshino
Marketing Director
A former photojournalist, Kimi further honed his keen eye for visuals as a creative planner for brands such as Apple and now makes the most of these skills as our marketing specialist.
Robert Lewis
Copywriter & Planner
Robert is our copywriter, his smart and thoughtful slogans making each campaign that bit more memorable. He’s a British national living in Japan, fluent in English and Japanese.
Marc X Grigoroff
Copywriter and Creative Director
A copy-based Creative Director, Marc spent three decades in Japan and Singapore honing ad campaigns and indulging in some of the finest cuisine on the planet. He wrote and directed Salawati, an award-winning feature film; is a prolific voice-over artist; and has published short stories and microfiction in literary publications throughout the world.

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